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Christmas Gifts Commissions

Are you looking to start your Christmas shopping for loved ones early this year? OR a special "Me To Me" gift? Because you also deserve to treat yourself once in a while!! WELL, MY COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN! WOOHOOOO! Please continue reading if you're interested! :)

This section is mostly for information on how I'm doing commissions this year! 

I will be taking commissions via DMs on Twitter (@dmlpaintings) and Instagram (@dml.paintings) with payments via Venmo or Cashapp. If you don't have any of these platforms, please feel free to e-mail me @ dml.paintings@gmail.com and if comfortable, include your number for easier and quicker contact! (I will be reaching out via text)

Prices will vary based on sizes, custom details and items.

Items available for commissions include (but not limited to):

- Canvases + Prints 

- Wearable art such as shoes (Vans/A1s), tote bags, earrings, and others

- Home decor such as wooden wall hangings, picture frames, accent tables (limited amount), and any other items from previous updates that you might've seen!

Must be payment ready at the time of ordering your custom. Customs prices will be discussed once the idea has been finalized. Shipping prices will be discussed once the customs have been finished and packaged. Orders will ship once shipping cost has been received. 

Please allow *3-6 weeks* to receive orders. I have opened my commissions to have an early start and send out all orders before the holidays, but please keep in mind I'm not Amazon Prime haha!

Contact and shipping information will be asked at the time of ordering. 

If you need ideas for your customs, feel free to look through my Instagram or Twitter media tab for previous pieces and possible inspiration!

Hope to hear from you! Let the fun shopping begin!