✿ About Me ✿

✿ Hello there ✿

My name is Danielle, owner of this small business, DML Paintings!

DML Paintings started back in March 2017 in Florida and has kept growing since! I grew up in an artistic family which has always inspired me to create and art has always been my way to express how I feel. On bad days it makes me feel happy so I decided to start creating even more.

The purpose behind my art is to spread happiness and positivity through art, or at least try.

I love working with fun and bright colors that give off happy feelings and a variety or products such as wall art, home decor, stationary items and even wearablee art so that everyone can find something that makes their heart feel warm and full! I also love incorporating mental health awareness with my art as it has been my personal coping method during my bad days.

Thank you so much for being here and supporting my dreams. I hope you find something that makes you do your happy dance! :)

Much Love, Danielle <3