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About Me

Hello Sunshine! My name is Danielle and I was born in Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic. I'm a local artist living in Orlando Florida. I began selling my art in march, 2017. Art was always something I enjoyed but was never really completely confident when it came to showing others. Art has helped me get through some rough times through the years, and for that I am so thankful. To me, sunflowers give off this "Stay Positive" vibe which is why they've always been the inspiration behind my art. They bring me so much joy and happiness so I decided to try and spread some positivity through my art. I am forever thankful for the people who have supported me and my business since I started.

I work with stretched canvases and other home decor items.

I only post what I have available for sale at the moment on here so please follow my Instagram to see some more of my previous pieces and stay updated with deals and collections!

IG: @dml.paintings || Twitter: @dmlpaintings

I hope to hear from you! Happy shopping!